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Explore the untold narratives of emancipation and slavery in the Cayman Islands. Discover the resilience of our ancestors and the path to freedom. Join us in commemorating our shared heritage.

Unveiling Cayman's Emancipation Journey:


Slavery be Dead...We be Free!

Join us in honoring our history as we approach Emancipation Day! The National Museum of the Cayman Islands is excited to announce a special exhibition dedicated to our island's heritage of emancipation and resilience. We invite you to contribute any photographs, heirlooms, and artefacts related to slavery in the Cayman Islands. Every submission will be reviewed for inclusion in our exhibition. Let's celebrate our shared history and commemorate Emancipation Day together. Submit your contributions and be part of this inspiring journey.


Do you possess artefacts or imagery reflecting the existence of slavery in the Cayman Islands? We invite you to share your family heirlooms and treasures with us. Your contributions will help illuminate the stories of resilience and heritage.

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